first day

first day

first day of farm school


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visiting 1 visiting 2 visiting 3 visiting 4 visiting 5 visiting 6 visiting 8


Always the best part.

Cabin life

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In which we learn to use a washboard, take seven children on a hike, and generally never want to leave.


Leavenworth, WA

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Treehouse dreams, fancy clothes, wedding-ness, the dancing!


Anacortes, WA

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3 trips to Anacortes: once to the boat, once to the birth, once to welcome the babe.

Seattle: locks

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One thing we try to do every year when we visit Seattle is go to the Ballard locks. We watch the salmon and the boats and eat fish and chips. This year we were too busy chasing and wrangling and facilitating children to take many photos, but we stayed there a while, taking it in.